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Dash-A-Ride Airport Shuttle

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Local aiport car service for Evansville, Louisville, Nashville, and Owensboro airports.

We offer pick-up and delivery for the following counties in Indiana and Kentucky:

Indiana: Spencer, Dubois, Perry, Vanderburgh
Kentucky:  Daviess

Easy as 1...2...3!

No need to pay overnight parking when going on long trips. No need to inconvenience family or friends by asking them to take you to the airport. With Dash-A-Ride, it's as easy as 1..2..3! 

Mother and Daughter

3 Days In Advance 

Request Transportation

At least 3 days before departure, click on one of the airport links below to request transportation to or from your chosen airport.

Young Driver

 Within 24 Hours

Driver Will Be Confirmed

Once we receive your transportation request, we will notify you of a driver confirmation within 24 hours.

Contactless Payment

Confirmation Is Held For 6 Hours

Pay For Services

After a driver is confirmed, you will  receive a payment link for payment.  To ensure a driver, the transportation request must be paid in full during this 6 hour time period or the driver request will be cancelled.

Our Friendly Drivers

Our friendly drivers will pick you up at your home and take you right to the gate at the airport. If its a ride home that you need,  our drivers will pick you up at the gate and bring you back to your front door.


It's that simple! Start planning your trip today!

Louisville KY_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Louisville Airport $165

Nashville Airport_edited_edited.jpg

Nashville Airport $275

Evansville Airport_edited.jpg

Evansville Airport $150

Owensboro Airport.jpg

Owensboro Airport $75

Choose Your Airport

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