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The Full Story

About Dasher Delivery

A Mother / Daughter Team

A Mother / Daughter Team

The Women
Behind The Scenes

Laura Hagedorn Janay and

her daughter, Sabrina Stoermer

Laura and Sabrina - The team behind the scenes making sure your local restaurant food is delivered hot, on time, and with friendly service.

Laura Hagedorn Janay grew up in the St Meinrad and Santa Claus areas and still lives in Santa Claus today.  She is a 1982 graduate of Heritage Hills High School. Many times you will see her delivering food to your home or business.  It is her mission to make sure all deliveries are fulfilled.  When extra drivers are needed, she steps in and makes those deliveries. Laura's main role in this company is creating the delivery platform, designing the website, onboarding restaurants, and servicing the restaurant accounts.

Sabrina Stoermer is Laura's youngest child and her only daughter.  She graduated from Daviess County High School in Owensboro, KY.  Sabrina's main role in Dasher Delivery is the drivers.  She dispatches, recruits, hires, and trains the drivers.  When you place your order, Sabrina is in the background dispatching drivers to make sure your food is delivered hot, on time, and with friendly service.  You will also see Sabrina out making deliveries.  She is very dedicated to making Dasher Delivery a success.

The major goals for this mother / daughter team is efficiency, hot delicious food, friendly service, and happy customers.

How Dasher Delivery Began

The name Dasher Delivery was inspired by Dasher the reindeer, and the initial concept behind Dasher Delivery was to deliver vacation groceries to tourist in the Santa Claus area.  While creating the vacation grocery concept, one of Laura's sisters asked, "Will Dasher Delivery bring food to my house?  I'm tired and I don't feel like going out.  Will Dasher Delivery just go to a local restaurant and bring dinner to my home?" 

Laura and Sabrina loved that idea and wondered if local restaurant delivery would work in Santa Claus and the surrounding area.  After much research, lots of testing through Louie's Tavern in Fulda, and many practice runs, Laura and Sabrina were able to find a way to create a delivery platform that would fit our local area.

They are both thrilled with the warm welcome and amazing community response to Dasher Delivery. It's been amazing and they love offering this service to their local communities and small towns.

Sq Logo and Deer In Car.png

Our Community Inspired Logo

Laura and Sabrina would also like to give a huge shout-out to Tom Gunn and the staff at Louie's Tavern.  Having a local restaurant to practice all the intricacies was essential in creating this platform. And just as importantly, Laura and Sabrina would like to say, Thank You, to all of you for supporting this concept, encouraging them to keep going, and appreciating the Dasher Delivery service that they have created for you.

Thank You to Everyone!!  This wonderful local restaurant delivery service, Dasher Delivery, belongs to all of us! 

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