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Dasher Delivery Courier Service

Do you need something urgently picked up or delivered? Dash-It-There is your answer. We transport parts, parcels, and packages in the same day - quickly and efficiently.  Complete the form below to request a courier.  Then, sit back and relax.  We'll get it delivered.

Complete Form

Complete the form below with pickup and  drop off  information


Choose Vehicle

Choose the type of vehicle that is required for your parcel, part, or package.

Car, Pickup Truck, Goose Neck Trailer, or Box Trailer.


Driver is Assigned

Once we receive your request we will give you a quote and a driver will be assigned.


Your Parcel is on it's way!

As soon as we receive payment, the driver will be on their way to deliver or pickup your part, parcel, or package.


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Request A Dash-It-There Courier
Select A Courier Vehicle
Choose a time
Choose a time

Thanks! As soon as we confirm a driver, we will send you a payment link with amount of the courier fee.

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